A Short Thought About Leadership

A few days ago I was completing an application for a grant to attend a workshop for women in leadership in sport.

The first question was “What Leadership roles do you currently perform in sport?” which I cruised over. The next question though made me think.

“What are your leadership aspirations?”

Huh? Leadership aspirations? That one really stumped me. Which is a bit silly, I was applying for a leadership grant. But, since when did I want to be a leader?

So, in the spirit of writing this blog, I thought I would share what I wrote.

“My career pathway is currently a work in progress.  I’m still right at the beginning stages and this role is the first step. However, I aspire to be a CEO working for a national Not for Profit within the next 8-10 years.

I’m currently applying to study my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) online through Deakin as I work for Triathlon Northern Territory (TNT). I also intend on completing courses through Australian Institute of Company Directors. They hold a number of courses including one on Sporting Governance and the Company Directors Course.

In addition to TNT, I work in a volunteer capacity for a number of other Not for Profits in Darwin, including as a Board Member for a national organisation. The reason for this is to build my skills and experiences to place me in the best possible position for CEO. “

Did this really answer the question? Not really.

My further reflection went something like this…

“I’m not really leading”

“Aren’t you? You are going to be the only paid employee in this organisation and it’s your job to encourage the participation of the sport in the NT”

“I’m pretty excited about the role, I look forward to sinking my teeth into this and motivating people to come along and join”

“It’s actually a pretty cool thing, If I can do a tri, so can others. They just need to be encouraged and communicated with and given the opportunities to try and get good at it.”

This went on for a while. Have I worked out my leadership aspirations and can I articulate it? Nope. But, I think I’ve formulated some strategies on how I’m going to do my job and what I can do to be the leader of the organisation #watchthisspace.

Any suggestions are also welcome!

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