Doing Shit You Just Don’t Want to do

I’ve been roped into participating in my first mini triathlon (tri) and honestly, while I love the idea of it, the reality is that I hate swimming. I’m terrible at it, I haven’t done it since high school and the whole idea makes me really anxious. I’m a land baby, not a water baby.

What is a mini tri? 300mtr swim – 15km bike – 3 km run.

So now, I have to go to swimming training to make sure I don’t drown in the murky water of Lake Alexander (blah spew) down at East Point.

Sometimes you just got to do the shit you hate to get to the good stuff at the end. The good stuff being that I said I would do a tri this year. Holding myself accountable (insert eyeroll).

And unfortunately the competitive, pushy part in me goes, YOU WILL DO THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE MASTERED IT! Sigh, sucker for punishment.

My motto to get me through: GET IN, GET IT DONE, GET OUT.

Wish me luck at swim training today.

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