Surround Yourself With Awesome People

While I was cycling back from my epic Sunday stairs sesh, I realised the importance of surrounding yourself with awesome peeps.

Here are just a few that popped into my head. Note: awesome comes in all different shapes, sizes and varying degrees.

Sistas & brothas – This also includes Schmidy-cent & Daddy-o. Love you guys!

Adopted Family – The McMahons. You guys fucking rock and I couldn’t have gone through the past 2 years without you.

Housemate Stu – SO many formative years were spent hanging out it you. I wish I could see you more!

Pod Buddies – CDU team! You’re bloody awesome and make my days so much more amazing.

Gym peeps – Ainsley & Danny! You guys inspire me!

Hiking bud – Charlie aka Tiff – There is no one else I’d rather hike with!

Stairs mate – Ryan, while stairs tends to be an individual thing, it’s always a pleasure having someone else there in just as much pain as you are, if not more.

You guys make my day to day complete and I’m incredibly grateful for your presence in my life!


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